Wednesday, June 4, 2014

HP Will Cut 16,000 Employees

Hewlett - Packard ( HP ) plans to cut approximately 16 thousand employees . This step was taken because the Chief Executive Meg Whitman has a strategy to focus on computing service providers .

Reported Theguardian , Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) , Hewlett - Packard plans to lay off approximately 16 thousand employees . Whitman said , the dismissal of the employee 's need to streamline business across the company's portfolio .
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Portfolio companies include networking , storage and software . Some analysts are questioning whether the dismissal is poor signifies the company's prospects for the coming year .

" The reason it makes sense . However , you worry if there is a rigor to this process , or if it's an ongoing thing , which can affect morale at the end of the day . Trend so far ( dismissal ) has been alarming , " said RBC analyst Amit Daryanani .

HP has a number of workers around the world as much as 250 thousand . A few years ago , HP reportedly been laying off approximately 27 thousand employees . Then , layoffs continued again in 2013 by laying off some employees .

 Current , reported the company will conduct Termination of Employment ( FLE) approximately 11 thousand to 16 thousand employees . Reportedly , with the dismissal of some employees this time , Whitman led the company generated a total of 50 thousand employees were excluded .
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The Company seeks to reduce dependence on the PC and move to the computing and networking equipment for the enterprise . This is done in an effort to reduce the decline in revenue Whitman .


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mandatory Dress and Speak Java at Gunungkidul, Any Date 27

Government Gunungkidul , Yogyakarta , declared one day in every month of all public servants in the region wearing traditional clothes and speak Java using the Java language .

" Every 27th of every month , all officers who served in Gunungkidul , mandatory use of Java tradition , " said Regent Gunungkidul Badingah , Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) .

This instruction was issued to coincide with the anniversary of the 183 counties on Tuesday .
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According Badingah , this instruction is consistent with the Act No. 13 of 2012 on the privilege of Yogyakarta .

In the near future , he said , would come out a decree to strengthen instruction.

" In addition to mandatory use of clothing ( custom ) Java , as well as speak either official or unofficial , including in meetings , seminars or other meetings , shall use the Java language , " kat Badingah .

One of the civil servants in Gunungkidul , Sutaryo , argues this instruction is positive and should be supported . " It will be one of the characteristic feature of Yogya and preserve Javanese culture , " he said .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

SBR001 Target Not Reached, Government Prepares Other Investment Instruments

Directorate -General ( DG ) of Debt Management today announced the sale and allotment of Retail Saving Bonds ( SBR ) SBR001 series of Rp 2.391 trillion . This achievement is lower than the government's target of Rp 2.5 trillion .

" We are quite happy for ( the rest of the target ) just a little , about USD 109 billion . We have not been evaluated , but maybe SBR liquidity and factors affecting it can not be traded , " said Director General (DG ) Robert Pakpahan Debt Management at the Ministry of Finance , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

To achieve the sales target of securities amounting to Rp 2.5 trillion, said Robert , the government has prepared a series of other investment instrument .
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" ORI0011 it has not been published this year . Planned to be published in September or October 2014 plans . Additionally it will also issue securities through domestic auctions routine , namely Government Securities ( GS ) and State Sharia Securities ( SBSN ) , " said Robert .

In addition, continued Robert , the government will also issue bonds in foreign currency . In the second half of this year will be issued Euro Bonds to target institutional investors in Europe . The Government will also publish Global Sukuk in U.S. dollars and plans to publish Samurai Bonds .

According to Robert , the largest number of subscribers SBR001 at around Rp 5 million to Rp 100 million or 60.5 percent . The average volume of purchases per buyer SBR001 is USD 240 million . "This is a success , the target can be achieved . SBR001 proceeds to finance the state budget in 2014 , " said Robert .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Grandpa Teach Martial Arts Brazilian Police

Special forces and riot police in Brazil are being trained on how to cope with the English national team fans, or commonly known as hooligans during the 2014 World Cup, in June, by retirees from Bolton, Steve Costello.

In other words, age is no excuse as a barrier to pursue a field that has lived for many years.
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Grandfather who has 11 grandchildren it is an expert in martial arts Ryukyu Kempo. In addition, Costello also good at close combat techniques with sticks and knives.

Since Costello settled in Curitiba, she has received an award from the Police Federation Brazil. The award was made Costello believed to give special classes to the security at the World Cup.

Grandfather, known by the nickname The Headhunter's already taught martial arts to the Elite Operations Command, police, firefighters, and state special forces.

There are different ways that made Costello in providing self defense class this year. 72-year-old grandfather taught karate techniques with eyes closed to the security guard at the World Cup next month.

"We cover the vital parts of the body and how you can paralyze people with the necessary movements. Safety World Cup should be able to handle attacks and knife attacks in real life. So most of the troops asked me to teach combat training, the simple defense and direct, "the Mirror quoted Costello said Friday (23/5).

As alluded to how Costello familiar with the words of the Brazilian army, he replied had prepared beforehand with a translator and began to learn to understand some basics of pronunciation.

"I have a translator there and know some of the basics, such as Obrigado-thank you. They call me 'Mr. Steve'. I love Brazil, they always have a smile for you," added Costello.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"There is feared 'Invisible Hands' SBY Winning One Candidate"

Exclusion of the Democratic Party in the 2014 presidential election does not mean that the party did not play its role in the democratic party .

Democrats could have quietly playing politics to win one pair later .

" What we fear it is no invisible hand that used SBY ( President and Chairman of the Democratic Party Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ) to win one of the candidates .

That is the political reality , "said senior researcher Founding Father House ( FFH ) , Dian Permata , in Lembang , West Java , on Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .
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He considered it because Democrats actually want to be a participant and brought the candidate 's own election .

According to him , the attitude SBY who choose not to engage in election is because very deify survey . The results of a survey of presidential candidate of the Convention is considered low .

" Once there was a choice of carrying the Sultan ( Governor of Yogyakarta lane X ) , but it turns out the results of the survey are also not good . So , he ( Democrats ) are not brave enough to carry the candidate , " he said .

Previously , mate Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa invite Democrats to support his party in the upcoming presidential election . Although not formally join any axis , Prabowo SBY - Hatta sure will support informally .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Assisted Fetish, Maid's Son kidnapped employer

Sukabumi Police Criminal Investigation Unit arrested a housemaid or domestic workers being involved kidnapping a baby who is the child 's own employer .

" In carrying out the action , PRT initials RR ( 19 ) assisted a male friend or boyfriend that is WHAT alias amulets ( 22 ) , we arrested the two shortly after the family reported that the child was allegedly kidnapped by his own aides , " said Invisible Criminal Police Sukabumi , AKP Galina Witnu Pradipta , told reporters on Tuesday .

In addition to capturing both the perpetrators of the kidnapping , he also confiscated from the suspects belonged to one unit of Honda Vario black citizens with police number F 2201 VD and the mobile device .
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However , it is still developing this case because motive RR abduction has not been revealed , whether they are children or not a kidnapping syndicate .

Examination of the marathon continues to be done by exposing it to the child abductions .

Are there other parties involved to date , Sukabumi Police investigators continue to conduct an examination of the two suspects .

" Both of our suspects meshes with Article 330 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with Article 83 of Law Decree No. 23 of 2002 on Child Protection , under penalty of imprisonment of 15 years , " he added .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Golkar: In Realistically, Thin coalition with Democrats

Deputy Secretary General of the Golkar Party Tantowi said it continues to perform communication -related political coalition with the Democratic Party presidential elections on July 9 . However, pessimistic Tantowi new shaft will be formed to deal with the shaft - supporting Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla and Prabowo shaft .

" But realistically , if you talk to the coalition coalition election ( presidential elections ) , thin yes chances , " said Tantowi in Parliament Complex in Senayan , Jakarta , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .

Member of Commission I , said the difficulty of building a new shaft with Democrats due to increasingly tight timeframe . One of them , he said , is a period of registration of candidates for president and vice president are increasingly narrow .
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" Registration live tomorrow ( Tuesday, 05/20/2014 ) , yet the political infrastructure development , vision and mission of the equation -vice presidential candidate , and the logical consequences of that coalition , " he said .

Tantowi also stated , for Golkar , a coalition forms not just limited to the face -election coalition . The coalition , he said , could also be formed pascapilpres in relation to policy -making in the House .

" So , Golkar card and actually still very much open , " he concluded .

Previously , the National Leadership Meeting VI Golkar Golkar coalition handed direction to the Golkar chairman Bakrie . Rapimnas also gave a mandate to the Bakrie to establish himself as a candidate for president or vice president .

After rapimnas , Chairman of Bakrie returned to Megawati's PDI-P , Sunday ( 18/05/2014 ) night . However , after the meeting , Bakrie claimed no decision .

Democratic Party also has not taken a final decision related to the coalition . However, the majority of participants wanted the party's national leaders to be neutral .

" Preferences in rapimnas Democrats are not in favor , in the sense of not joining any camp , good fastness Mr. Jokowi and Pak Prabowo , " Yudhoyono said .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Closed JCI Gains 8.39 Points

The Jakarta Composite Index ( JCI ) at the close of trading today managed to survive in the reinforcement zone , although at the end of the trading session II index was fluctuating .

At 16.00 hours , JCI strengthening by 0.17 per cent to record or 8.39 points at 4921.39 position . There are 182 listed stocks gain on this day, then a total of 127 shares and 89 shares fell stagnant .

Trading volume reached 3.77 billion shares worth Rp 4.99 lot trillion . Increasingly limited movement of the index , along with the circulation of news regarding the resignation of Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa . However, the index remained in the reinforcement zone .
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Sentiment from Wall Street also helped JCI remain in the green zone in today's trading , along with the strengthening of exchanges in the Asia Pacific region .

Stocks that give a positive turnover largest shareholder is ADRO ( USD 1,230 ) , BMRI ( Rp 10,075 ) , PTBA ( Rp 10,375 ) , LPKR ( USD 1,110 ) , and HRUM (USD 2,435 ) . Meanwhile , stocks that provide the biggest negative is ASII turnover ( USD 7,425 ) , LSIP ( USD 2,360 ) , INCO ( USD 4,060 ) , BBTN ( USD 1,090 ) , and AALI ( Rp 28,500 ) .

The sectoral index that rose, mining ( 0.88 percent ) , property ( 0.16 percent ) , infrastructure ( 0.1 percent ) , finance ( 0.12 percent ) and trade ( 1.36 percent ) .

Of regional , mostly in the Asia -Pacific stocks rose , propped up by Wall Street closed positive on early this morning . The Nikkei rose 1.95 per cent, at 14425.44 , while the Hang Seng index also gained 0.1 percent to 22352.38 .

The rupiah rebounded slightly to 0.10 percent to Rp 11,525 per U.S. dollar .


Friday, May 2, 2014

Motor seized, Coordinator Motorcycle Gang Arrested

City Cirebon Police arrested a security guard who works at one of the largest shopping center in the city of Cirebon , ES ( 23 ) . Residents Samadikun , Cirebon , was allegedly led forfeiture of motor vehicles ( curanmor ) motorcycle gang who carried out a herd of Moonraker .

In addition to ICE , the police also arrested five other suspects in the case . All five are Ad ( 19 ) , a resident of Harjamukti , Cirebon , OS ( 19 ) , the origin of the material store employee Samadikun , EH ( 19 ) , North Kalibaru unemployment origin , Cirebon , AP ( 18 ) , unemployed citizens Samadikun , Nur ( 18 ) , unemployed citizens Centella asiatica , Cirebon .

The suspects were arrested after police arrested 14 members of the first other Moonraker being gathered in the region Pekalipan , Cirebon , Thursday ( 1/5 ) at around 19:00 pm . They then allegedly about to attack another motorcycle gang .

Most of the arrested suspects were included in the search list ( DPO ) . From the suspects , police confiscated nine motorcycles diverse types and brands .

Invisible Criminal Cirebon City Police AKP Hidayatullah , explains , the suspect committed the theft and looting of motorcycles in the district of Cirebon and Indramayu . In carrying out that action, they do not hesitate to hurt their victims .
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'' The victims they were members of a rival motorcycle gang and the general public , '' said Hidayatullah on Friday ( 2/5 ) .

Hidayatullah explain , the motives of the perpetrators in carrying out the action one of which is a prestige group . In addition, the economic needs also encourage them to make the action .

'' Of the nine units of motorcycles were seized, it is possible there are many other vehicles that have been stolen the suspects , '' explained Hidayatullah .
Hidayatullah added , because the actors operating in the area of ​​Cirebon and Indramayu , then it immediately to bring the case to the police , respectively .

Meanwhile , ES admitted , in carrying out the action , he was just taking orders from someone higher domiciled in the District of Indramayu .
'' Even though I was the coordinator , but I just received the order ( of a person in Indramayu ) , '' said ES .


FSA : Indonesian Capital Market Performance One Of The Best In The World

Financial Services Authority ( FSA ) said the capital market master plan 2015-2019 period is starting drafted . Islamic capital market activities fall within the five-year work program .

In Jakarta , Wednesday, April 30, 2014 , the Deputy Commissioner of the Capital Market Supervisory II FSA , Noor Rahman said, development of the Islamic finance industry to be one focus of the FSA 's financial performance improvement in the Indonesian market . " It will be a special roadmap regarding sharia , " he said .

Noor Rahman said the current performance of the Indonesian capital market is one of the best in the world with an increase of 12.8 percent year to date ( YTD ) .
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" The increase in the daily is up 0.02 percent , its YTD if we are still the world champions , " he said .

Therefore , he continued, the FSA will continue to develop a wide range of regulatory and easiness for the financial industry . So that performance continues to be improved in the future .

" One of them , last week we launched an online reporting system for issuers , " he added .

Not only for market participants , consumer protection and services for the financial industry in Indonesia is also put forward . One of them , the regulation of financial planners made ​​some time ago in the public debate .

" Planer financial problems , studies are currently being prepared , because it concerns capital markets , IKNB . Nah specialized capital markets , we make a study of its own so know which will go into its settings , " he added . ( umi )


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

European Union Law 15 Ukrainian politicians and Russian Military

EU to freeze assets and ban travel frequently for 15 people of Ukraine and Russia . The sanctions were issued as a result of the crisis in Ukraine .

The sanctions were also imposed on Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Nikolayevich Kozak . Not only Dmitry , a number of important names are also entered into the sanctions .

Names on the list include , the lower house of the Russian deputy Ludmila Ivanovna Shvetsova , Chief of Staff of the Russian Army weaponry Vasilevich Valery Gerasimov . As reported by Reuters on Tuesday ( 29/04/2014 )
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However , these penalties are not applied to the Head of the Russian Energy Agency Igor Sechin . Igor had already entered the list of sanctions in the United States ( U.S. ) .

Sanctions has become one of the U.S. weapon to punish the West and Russia . Before the European Union imposed sanctions the White House have taken similar steps .

Superpower this country to impose sanctions on 17 Russian . The 17th person is a person who is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin .

Although has given sanction to the individual , but the EU has not given sanction to some of the company 's country of origin of the Red Bear . It's just that the EU still considering the sanctions pemeberian to Russian companies .


Russians Say Never Ukrainian Territorial Claims

Crisis and tensions in Ukraine continued to flare up . Although the European Union and the United States ( U.S. ) has provided a number of sanctions on Russia , the conflict in the Kiev government is still heating up .

In a seminar organized by the Territorial Department of the Faculty of Humanities ( FIB ) , University of Indonesia , Political Advisor to Indonesian Embassy Russia , Oleg Kopylov , said it was never a confrontation over the crisis in Ukraine . Russia did not ever do any form of incitement .
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Kopylov explain Russia never claimed the territories of Ukraine 's territorial unity . '' We ( Russia ) never claimed territorial integrity of Ukraine , '' he said in a Seminar on Crisis in Ukraine and its implications for Southeast Asia , in FIB UI , Depok , on Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .

Kopylov explain Russia was not the enemy of Ukraine . Kopylov said the big enemy for the people of Ukraine is Ukrainian government itself .

In addition , Kopylov explain the desire merging region Crimea became part of the Russian federation nor come from his side . According to Kopylov , the integration into the Russian Crimea purely a desire nearly 100 percent of the population of Crimea .

'' As many as 97 percent of global voice wants reunification with the Russian Federation , '' said Kopylov .

The Russian Ambassador to Indonesia Mikhail Y Galuzin said the crisis in Ukraine should be a lesson for the Pacific and South-East Asia region . Personally it was revealed there was no war between Russia and Ukraine . In fact , Russia has close ties with Ukraine .

'' I also have many friends who are nationals of Ukraine , '' said Galuzin . However, the current discussion will close relationship the two will be very sensitive .

Galuzin said the crisis was not no effect . Galuzin stated , the ongoing crisis in Ukraine is very implications for international relations . '' This has implications for fundamental and international law , '' he said .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Three Students STIP Suspect Persecution Dimas

Dimas dikita Handoko , one semester of student School of Sailing ( STIP ) , died allegedly due abused seniors . North Jakarta Police has set a Dimas three suspects related persecution .

" After receiving the report , we immediately caught three Dimas molesters , " said North Jakarta police chief Mohammad Iqbal Police Commissioner Police in North Jakarta, Saturday ( 26/04/2014 ) evening .
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According to him , the three students were identified as ANG , Fach and Army who are students of the second semester STIP . Third perpetrator committed the crime of persecution , and had planned to cause severe injury and loss of life Dimas .

Actions undertaken by the senior persecution is conducted in a boarding house owned by Mrs. Siagian in New Kebun region R Block Gang II No. 29 , RT 017/RW 012 , Village West Semper , Cilincing subdistrict , North Jakarta . The victim was hit with a six mahasiawa other half .

Dimas suffered severe bruises that were taken to hospital in North Jakarta port , but none were life has been saved . Police who arrived at the scene to secure the evidence of the victim uniform , a red scoop oil and wind Fresh Care .

The three suspects in violation of Article 353 of the Criminal Code of Persecution Planning Killed with threats to nine years in prison and Article 351 Paragraph Paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code of Persecution Causing Serious Injury , under penalty of five years in prison .

Dimas died allegedly due to abused seniors on Friday ( 04/25/2014 ) night . Family suspicious because since few days she admitted often have kekeraaan actions of the senior.


Friday, April 25, 2014

200 Assault Developer Hackathon Jakarta

Hackathon Jakarta ( # HACKJAK ) , as Jakarta 's first Open Data Challenge organized by the Provincial Government ( Provincial Government ) DKI Jakarta , was very interested by the application developers .

A total of 200 participants quota provided by the committee chair , immediately drained away in just five days since registration opened on 18 April 2014 .

Shita Laksmi , Program Manager of Southeast Asia Technology and Transparency Initiative ( SEATTI ) appreciates the high interest of potential participants # HACKJAK . " It shows that the Open Data conducted by Jakarta Provincial Government is a good step , " Shita said .
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Shita also convinced that how to utilize these data is the next step is equally important . " # HACKJAK is a means to invite people to participate , using data that is already open is becoming increasingly useful for many people " he said , in a written statement , ( 04/24/2014 ) .

Setiaji , PIPP Head of Unit , Regional Planning Board of Jakarta , hope useful innovations will emerge from this activity # HACKJAK . " We hope # HACKJAK will successfully create innovative prototypes that facilitate citizen access to information from the city within the city government . For that reason, application developers role in helping the city government is needed , "said Setiaji .

# HACKJAK itself will be held on 26-27 April 2014 at the Harris Hotel , Jl Dr . Saharjo , Jakarta . Judging the prototype application includes three components .

That is the principle of the Open Government Partnership related , in terms of technological innovation and the impact of the application and usefulness of such applications benefit from the perspective of the city government .

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Political Money Marak, Supervisory Committee Capture Only Divide Rice

Senior PDI-P politician Semarang District , The Hok Hiong assess , Supervisory Committee 's performance Semarang District incompetent oversee the legislative elections in 2014. Article, with a big budget and no authority , Supervisory Committee can not reveal the massive money politics and occurs in middle - masarakat middle .

This is expressed by the Hok address alleged cases of legal process for the rice - Regent of Semarang Mundjirin who is currently being tried in the District Court District of Semarang . According to the man who is also member of the Semarang district legislature , with just revealed the case to divide the rice Regents , output Supervisory Committee considered not significant .

" I saw Supervisory Committee and fro without results . Period , the county might sing kecekel siji tok ( caught only one time only ) . Said money politics this year is crazy . , But that be weird is the Supervisory Committee , no one can catch . Kecekel Sing mung tock kilo of rice ( which is the case only caught 1 kilo of rice , "said the Hok , Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) afternoon .

When asked about the indications of massive money politics that occur in Pileg 2014 , The Hok believes it is very easy to navigate from the admission of the candidates who failed to get a seat .

"The issue of money politics that can not be touched so intense . Proven ( candidates ) who failed to say they 've spread Rp 300 million , many millions , that's proof that ( money politics ) there . Supervisory But it can not catch a hand , " he continued .

The only candidates from ethnic Chinese in Semarang district that saw the twisted case Mundjirin Regent of Semarang , not independent of politicking outside parties . Allegations of politicization that reinforced the statements of the witnesses of the Supervisory Committee are only based on assumptions .

" The case could have been Regent of Semarang was boarded by other political interests . Due to its nature ( campaign ) is open in front of such a market, there are also a lot of rice . Fact yesterday I heard the witness of the Supervisory Committee during a hearing yesterday was the language only assumptions which I do not clear , " he explained .

Responding to the statement , the Chairman of Supervisory Committee Semarang District , Agus Riyanto let people assess the performance of the institution . However, he admitted during stages Pileg 2014 , it was a lot to get reports and information about the practice of money politics , but of the many reports, could not be followed due to lack of valid information and the unwillingness of the complainant to be a witness .
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" Kalu is the info -info ( money politics ) it was widely , and equally phenomenal . , But whether the information is valid ? Every time we respond , it is invalid , does not see himself , he said - she said . Kalupun anyone receiving or viewing himself , when will processed they reasoned fear , dare not , do not want to be bothered and so forth . kenyatan That's on the field , " said Agus .


Meet Jokowi , Marunda Boy Waiting Almost 2 Hours

Meet Jokowi , Marunda Boy Waiting Almost 2 Hours
A total of 104 children from towers Marunda visited Jakarta City Hall this afternoon . They want to meet Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo . All were combined group of early childhood education Cerda Cheers Light Permata Indonesia and smart home Window World located in Marunda towers . According Merryellen Junaeldy , head of early childhood , their visit was facilitated by the Mayor of North Jakarta . ( Read also : Jokowi Say Message to Mayor Heru )
( Read: gambar burung )

" The children are invited to meet Mr. Jokowi , " said Ellen , call Merryellen , Tuesday, April 22, 2014 . They came at about 10 am and waited patiently Jokowi still meeting at 12 noon until late .

While waiting , children aged 5 years practicing early childhood slogans that will be exhibited at Jokowi . As for the children is greater, aged 7-14 years , engrossed in chatting . Word , 10 years old , said he was happy to visit City Hall . However , he had had no idea the name of the place that he came . " Kirain Presidential Palace , " he said laughing . While the younger children , daughter , 5 years old , do not know who would meet . "I do not know , " he said .

In between waiting Jokowi , Ellen expressed hope that early childhood classroom and get an extra seat . " It's only one class , " said Ellen . He also asked the towers in the area immediately built primary school children can go to school close to where they live . ( see also : Effects Jokowi , PDIP Excellence in Marunda )


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mahfud Bakrie Meet in Bali, It's the Talk

One of the presidential candidates will meet CBA Mahfud MD presidential candidate of Golkar Party Bakrie in Denpasar , Bali , Saturday ( 19/4 ) . They discussed various issues including the presidential election July 9, 2014 .

" Yeah well , I invited Mr. Bakrie for lunch while discussing about the constitutional , political , and legal , including election -related , " said Mahfud via electronic mail received here on Saturday .

Former Chairman of the Constitutional Court stated that the meeting did not explicitly discuss the vice - presidential partner who will compete in the contestation of the Presidential and Vice- President in 2014 .

He asserted , meeting with political leaders or even a presidential candidate from the other party a reasonable thing to do . Menuurutnya , is in accordance with the consensus of her with PKB Chairman Muhaimin Iskandar some time ago .

" When I met Mr. Muhaimin weeks ago , I was asked to continue to open up political communication either with PDIP , Golkar , and Gerindra and other parties . Mr. Muhaimin was doing the same thing , " he said .

Meeting with the Bakrie , he said , was part of a deal to keep him with Muhaimin political communication with the parties and political figures who would be a candidate. " Problem coalition with whom the decision will certainly at DPP PKB , " he said .

Similar disclosed Initiative Director MMD Masduki Baidlowi.Menurut him , Mahfud meeting with Bakrie is part of a reasonable political communication conducted by the party leaders , considering Mahfud also a presidential candidate to be promoted PKB in the upcoming presidential election . Masduki added , there is no agreement ( deal ) in political meetings and Aburizal Mahfud it .


Is it safe to Pregnant Women Eat Chocolate?

Chocolate contains caffeine, although in smaller amounts. If you are pregnant, do not be afraid to eat chocolate because in it there is a mood enhancer.

According to recent research, chocolate helps lower stress levels in pregnant women and also helped give birth to a happier and less fussy. It was found researchers from the University of Helsinki, Finland.
Babies born to mothers who ate chocolate every day during pregnancy was much smiling and laughing, as well as more active. Even the babies of pregnant women who eat chocolate regularly stress but showed less fear of new situations than mothers who did not eat chocolate.
( Read: opera mini untuk blackberry )

However, to keep in mind is to consume large amounts of chocolate can increase the number of calories you. Therefore, you should eat chocolate in limited quantities.

Dr. Daniele Piomelli, a neuroscientist and professor of pharmacology at the University of California, Irvine, showed that chocolate affects anandamide, a brain chemical that targets the way we like THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

Here are some benefits of eating chocolate during pregnancy as reported by Boldsky on Thursday (17/04/2014):

1. Chocolates make the baby happy

According to the study, pregnant women who eat chocolate can cope with the stress of having a baby become better and happier babies. A certain chemical that is found to be the cause of phenylethylamine-derived mother to her baby.

2. Chocolates for iron deficiency

Eating 30 grams of dark chocolate is rich in iron every day can help reduce the risk of iron deficiency in pregnant women.

3. Choose the correct chocolate

Not all chocolate is good for pregnant women. Dark chocolate has fewer calories and is found useful in many ways. However, many pregnant women do not like the taste. So, eat chocolate only if you want to indulge.

4.Tak for all pregnant women

If you are pregnant and have diabetes or have a history of gestational diabetes better avoid eating chocolate.

Therefore, we conclude bsia not eat chocolate completely safe for pregnant women. But, eating chocolate in small amounts necessarily harmless.


Friday, April 18, 2014

SBY : Coalition or opposition , the Free Democrats for Choosing

Democratic Party today, Friday, April 18, 2014 , has not yet determined its coalition partners in the presidential election of 2014. Democratic states in no hurry to decide about the coalition and as important as a presidential candidate , because both determine the politics of the next five years .

Democratic Chairman , Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono , said the party could form a coalition with a party that has a platform and vision somewhat similar to the Democrats .
" As long as the policy does not contradict the party offered sharply ( by Democrats ) . In addition , as long as there is sincerity of friends who invite the coalition , " Yudhoyono said in an interview with the Democratic Voice on YouTube .
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SBY did not care whether Democrats will be either inside or outside of government . "If the Democrats are in government , we must also fought welfare of the people , " the President said the two periods .

Democrats , Yudhoyono said , not interested in a coalition if only seen as complementary numbers or percentages of the vote . "If the Democrats do not have a significant role , of our presence in the coalition are not very useful , " he said .

" Democrats had the freedom to choose whether to form a coalition or independently , including the opposition . Both options are open " said SBY . If you go into opposition , the Democratic opposition forces intend to be intelligent , wise , and bring benefits to the people .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Socialization Industrial Highway, Jasa Marga Sambangi Campus Directors

The board of directors of PT Jasa Marga visited campus . Through the programs ' Jasa Marga Goes to Campus ' , the directors of a public lecture at five campuses in Jakarta and Bandung .

The board of directors introduce toll road industry and its benefits to the campus . They also socialize riding safety or safe driving on the highway . Consideration , among students is a toll road users .

These five are college Nations University International Students ( USBI ) dated March 24, 2014 by Managing Director , Adityawarman , Institut Teknologi Bandung ( ITB ) dated March 19, 2014 , with guest speaker the Director of Human Capital and General Affairs , Muh . Najib Fauzan , Bina Nusantara University ( Binus ) dated March 20, 2014 with guest speaker the Director of Finance , Reynaldi Hermansjah , University of Indonesia ( UI ) dated March 21, 2014 with guest speaker the Director of Operations , Hasanuddin , and Trisakti University on March 26, 2014 with guest speaker the Director of Business Development Abdul Hadi , Hs .

In addition to providing materials on the toll road industry , Jasa Marga is also providing educational facilities at each campus such as laptops , Infocus , a camera or a netbook . Jasa Marga also provide 130 etoll card for students who actively ask in the event.

On campus USBI , Director of Jasa Marga Ir Adityawarman , provide information on the toll road industry and business Jasa Marga to 200 attendees . " The road is a toll road alternative . Toll road is not built if there is no non-toll roads , " he said in Jakarta USBI Auditorium .

Adityawarman also mentioned the benefits of toll roads . Among other things, facilitate regional economy that has been developed , improving the distribution of goods and services as well as services improve regional equity outcomes .

The presence Adityawarman enthusiastically greeted the participants who were mostly from the business faculty . Evident from the many questions raised by the quality of questions that qualified .

ITB Campus , Director of Human Capital and General Affairs Muh . Najib Fauzan explain the ins and outs of how the toll road industry in Indonesia . Starting from the process of making the highway , toll road industry businesses to benefit highway for the community .

" We expect there to be an authentic explanation of the Highways Services . We want to build a positive perception of his clan not only services but also the industry , " he said . Jasa Marga also explain safe driving tips on the highway . What should be known while driving on the highway in order to drive safely and not endanger others .
( Read: burung cucak ijo jantan )

Finance Director Reynaldi Story , delivering a public lecture in front of 350 students at the University 's Nusantara , Jakarta . " We want to socialize on the toll road industry in general , the infrastructure needs and what it's like Jasa Marga in general , " said Reynaldi .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Apple, Google, and Microsoft Mobile Fight Theft

Almost all the major players in the global smart phone industry agreed to take the fight against mobile phone theft . In the future , a mobile phone will be equipped with standard features to keep the user data or delete all data from the phone being stolen .

Apple , Google , HTC , Huawei , Motorola , Microsoft , Nokia , Samsung , with five telecom operators in the United States , have signed an agreement to begin to protect user data from being stolen phones after July 2015 .

After that date , all companies promised to provide a standard feature that allows users to delete data remotely if the phone is stolen . This feature is similar to Find My iPhone app for Apple iOS and Android devices Device Manager on Android devices .

As quoted from , cooperation is not separated from the urging of law enforcement officials along with the increasing cases of theft of smart phones in the United States . In the state of California , anti- theft measures have started to be implemented since July 2013 .
(see also: jual burung kenari )

Law enforcement officials have requested that manufacturers of electronic devices provide a standard feature to protect user data and prevent theft as a cell phone or other mobile devices are now used as an object for storing personal data .


Rhoma Irama: Seconds Until It I Still CLA Candidates

Presidential candidate of the National Awakening Party (PKB), Rhoma Irama, remains optimistic that the party nominated.

"Until this moment, (i) still PKB candidate," said Rhoma after a press conference at the office of PPP, Jakarta, Tuesday, April 15, 2014.

Rhoma believe promises Chairman of PKB, Muhaimin Iskandar, was not interested in becoming the party's presidential candidate. In fact, he knows that the name Muhaimin has entered into exchange party's vice presidential candidate.
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"Yes it is the aspiration that emerged from the party members is okay. Cak Imin expressed no interest," he said.

Previously, it was reported that CLA offers some names to be candidates for the vice president to the PDI-P, PKB and burrs. Such names are Muhaimin Iskandar, Mahfud MD, Rhoma Irama, and Jusuf Kalla.

If that happens, it will charge the king of dangdut commitment from Muhaimin. "(I) will still charge a commitment. Commitment was proven and witnessed by many people," he said.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Children's Secret SMAN 1 Mataram UN Achieves High Rating

JAKARTA - Last year , winning eight of 11 high value of the UN as West Nusa Tenggara ( NTB ) derived from SMAN 1 Mataram . In fact , they also seize the top position .

" This year , not only the provincial level , we are targeting in the top 10 UN national best value , " said Head of SMAN 1 Fatwir Mataram Then , as quoted from page Kemendikbud , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

Ambition Fatwir not mess considering tradition SMAN 1 Mataram print a variety of academic achievement . He explained that the success of their students influenced the concept of learning in the school to which they apply .
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When students are in class X , Fatwir said , students still are in transition . At this time they began to recognize the interests and talents as well as determine whether to study well or backward .

" While in class XI , tutoring began using the concept of classes . Lot of independent and group assignments and presentations , " added Fatwir .

In addition to implementing the learning system , Fatwir call , the success of their students as well as schools implement Curriculum 2013. He admitted , in line with Curriculum 2013 has used the concept of school learning .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Seven Ways to Be Popular on Twitter

In effect , not only can artists popular on Twitter . Anyone can be famous as long as she knows how to style celebrity twitter twitter .

ROL summarizes how famous on twitter reported by the BBC :

1 . Attach an interesting avatar

Companies that collect data from millions of chirp twitter , Peerindex concluded that many avatars predispose a person to certain accounts to follow . More effective pairs of photographs that focus on the face than the whole body .

2 . Attach biographical data with short words and specific

Twitter posts are made not for long . Explain clearly what you would kicaukan in the profile . Common interests will make others follow your account .

3 . Sharpening your sense of humor

Humorous people will more easily make friends , as well as on twitter . Mission Impossible actor David Schneider told chirp perfect at least one of three things : information , insight and humor .

4 . Write a short and sweet chirp

Do not force myself to 140 characters if it's not necessary . Research shows that people prefer sweet and short chirp .

5 . Routine

Create exciting routines on twitter . For example , for-for gifts , inventions quiz , or share information on a regular basis .

6 . Use # ( hastag ) wisely

Variety hastag emerging every day . No need to follow all , because it can make your followers become bored .

7 . Perform Retweet and follow ethics
( see also: obat burung spektra )

Retweet enforce that you are right - propagating socializing . But do not be tempted to plagiarism , because you can verbally abused if caught .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

There Minion Mayhem at Theme Park It

Despicable Me serial lover will certainly be familiar with this yellow berwanra figures . Yes , Minion , who has emerged as a new star in the film insutri will now appear at an amusement park .

Housed in one of the amusement park located in Orlando , United States , Universal will bring the yellow figure to hook visitors , especially children .
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Minion Mayhem has become an icon in the top-selling of all products since the year 2012 the first appearance in the film industry . Now , would not Kakah , the tourism industry also use this icon to attracting tourists penggilan the series Despicable Me .

Later , inside Universal Orlando 's Minions will be displayed on a 3D simulator video which was deliberately created to be the newest attraction of the park . This simulator will be opened on April 10, 20i4 which will replace the Terminator 3D attraction that previously existed in the amusement park . This effort carried out by the park developer to create something innovative from a collection of their gardens , as quoted from Yahoo on Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) .

This idea is based on the Universal Studios Orlando in cooperation with Despicable Me producer to make a motion simulator that uses cutting-edge technology projection dengans istem . It is expected that with this new vehicle , can bring in local and foreign tourists even more .


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Windows XP production code name taken from place to ski

Of course not be a strange thing if each product to be released by a company must have a special product code . It was also experienced by Windows XP before it was released to the public in 2001.

Before Windows XP was released officially , various rumors circulating and many languages ​​will the operating system . Of all the rumors, one of which is of particular concern is the circulation of rumors regarding a product code is the estimated initial name of Windows XP .

As quoted from Wikipedia , the first name is Whistler . The name is the name of a region in British Columbia . Pick the name because the number of Microsoft employees who often go to the area to go skiing at a resort in the mountains of Whistler .

Besides just because of the many Microsoft employees are often skiing in the area , there is no information why the code name for Windows XP should use Whistler .
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After Whistler for Windows XP , there are several code names used by another family line of Windows XP , such as Windows XP Embedded Mantis , Freestyle for Windows XP Media Center Edition , Harmony for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004, the Symphony for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Emerald for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Update Rollup 2 and Springboard for Windows XP Service Pack 2


Monday, March 31, 2014

It is He Gadgets and Mobile Operators Champion Award

The annual event is held again Cellular Award 2014 's . The award is given to stakeholders mobile telecommunications industry in Indonesia has been held since 2004 and initiated by the GSM ( Global Mobile Media ) Group . (see also: situs download lagu)

This year , the theme of Friends Award " Welcoming The Next Phase" . This theme was selected as a marker that the mobile industry is currently faced with a market that is saturated conditions while the community needs for cellular service is increasing.

New era by working on what the customer wants be a big chore for the mobile industry in the country .

Ideas for the award this 11th Award , GSM Group assessed using a panel of editorial team and conduct online surveys . The online survey conducted to assess the operator categories , whereas the assessment of mobile products using panels GSM Group editorial team .

The online survey conducted in February - early March 2014 , involving 1,799 respondents from across Indonesia . Here's the list of winners of the 11th Friends Award , as quoted from Tribunnews .

Product Categories

1. Best Entertainment Phone: Sony Xperia Z1

2. Best Camera Phone: Nokia Lumia 1020

3. Best Design Phone: Lenovo Vibe X

4. Best Innovative Phone: LG G Flex

5. Best Valuable Phone: Pixcom Andromixx

6. Best Seller Local Product: Evercoss A7T

7. Best Entry Level Smartphone: Smartfren Andromax G

8. Best Local Smartphone: Polytron Cyrstal 4

9. Best Premium Phablet: Sony Xperia Z Ultra

10.Best Local Phablet: Evercoss Elevate A66S

11. Best Premium Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition

12. Best Local Tablet: Axioo Picopad 7 Plus

13. Mobile Device of The Year: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Kategori Operator

1. Best Mobile Data Service: Smartfren Connex

2. Best Customer Care Service: XL Axiata

3. Best CSR Program: Indosat IWIC

4. Best Digital Services : Telkomsel

5. Best Innovative Services: XL RumahnyaAndroid

6. Best Prepaid Card: Indosat IM3

7. Best Postpaid Card: Telkomsel KartuHalo

8. Best CDMA Operator: Smartfren

9. Best GSM Operator: Telkomsel

10.Operator of The Year: Telkomsel

Kategori Lain-lain (see also: Situs download themes)

1. Best Messaging Services: BlackBerry Messenger

2. Best Innovative Accessories: Royal

3. Best Local Battery Manufacturer: DSBC

4. Best Premium Accessories: Hippo PGL Screen Protector

5. CEO Of The Year: Alex J. Sinaga


Friday, March 14, 2014

Forest Law Enforcement Continues

Law enforcement against forest encroachers continue. After collecting evidence in East Kalimantan , West Kalimantan , and Central Kalimantan , forest law enforcement teams formed Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan fell to South Kalimantan . (see also: obat burung)

Forestry Minister confirmed this on the sidelines of his visit to the Way Kambas National Park in East Lampung District , Lampung , on Wednesday ( 25/05/2011 ) . Forest law enforcement team comprised of the Ministry of Forestry , Ministry of Environment , RI State Police , the Attorney General , and the Corruption Eradication Commission .

From the results of the last inspection , the team set six counties of the most severe damage as a result of encroachment of forest area mines and plantations . Director General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation, Ministry of Forestry Darori added , the county's sixth initials S and BU ( CK ) , K and L ( West Kalimantan ) , and K and KT ( Kaltim ) .

"The Commission will examine corruption , abuse of authority , and nepotism . For forestry crime , remain in the team , " said Darori .

Practice encroachment of forest area covers an area of ​​at least 5 million hectares . In Central Kalimantan who has 15.4 million hectares of forest , mining and plantations expanded area of ​​3.8 million hectares .

Overlap with forest and mining concessions snowball phenomenon . Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa said , 6,000 of the 8,000 licenses for mineral and coal mining concessions overlap , both mine and fellow industrial forest management permit .

Director General of Forestry Enterprises Kemhut Iman Santoso said the forestry industry can tolerate occupancy mining concessions covering 10 percent of them . This problem can be overcome if the deposit is set in the layout of the mine .

Based on data Greenomics Indonesia , a nongovernmental organization that actively reviewing the economics of forestry , of the 68 million hectares of forest area , there are 26 million acres that overlap . Greenomics Indonesia Executive Director Elfian Effendi said , Borneo and Sumatra are the two regions with the case of the largest forest areas overlap . (see also: vitamin burung)

Vice Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Forest Sampetoding Salahuddin asked the government to resolve this issue . ' " The concession of 70 per cent of our members overlap with the plantation and mining , " he said .


Friday, March 7, 2014

Know Your Green Beans

Green beans are the staple crops that have a scientific name Vigna radiata. Green bean plants typically have a height of less than about 3 feet tall with branching stems and has a flower shaped like a butterfly greenish yellow. From the looks leguminous flower containing 10 to 15 seeds green beans. Green bean plants have flowers and compound leaves composed of three strands with a triangular shape and has a bone pinnate leaves. Green beans themselves have green seed coats with white beans. Generally, the green beans are often used as bean sprouts. (see also: pakan burung)

Green bean plants can be grown in the tropics and is located in the lowlands with a height of between 5 to 700 m above sea level. If the green beans are grown at an altitude of 750 m above sea level, it will affect the amount of output produced, green beans generally can not provide a lot of production at altitudes above 750 m above sea level. Green bean plants need humidity around 50% to 89%. Not only that, the green bean plants require approximately 10 hours per day to be exposed to sunlight.

There are two known types of green beans and Green is Golden gramm gramm. Golden gramm is a type of green beans with golden color. Golden gramm itself has a scientific name Phaselus aureus. While Green gramm is a type of green bean that has a green color. Green gramm itself has a scientific name Phaseolus radiatus.

Scientific classification Green Beans
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Fabales
Family: Fabaceae
Genus: Vigna
Species: V. radiata
Binomial name
Vigna radiata
(L.) R. Wilczek
Phaeolus aureus Roxb.
(see also: pakan burung kacer)
Ingredients and Benefits of Green Beans

Green beans contain a lot of protein, vitamin B1, folic acid, minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, fat and unsaturated fat asamm. There are many benefits that can be drawn from the green beans. Among the calcium and phosphorus content owned green beans can help strengthen bones. Unsaturated fatty acids are very good for maintaining heart health. Vitamin B1 is useful to help contain the growth period and increase vitality in men. Multi protein serves to replace dead cells and stimulate new cell growth. And folic acid are useful to meet the nutrients needed in fetal brain development.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Galaxy S5 supercopy version already sold this specification is

It did not take long for smartphone manufacturers ' Abal Abal ' China to bring supercopy of Samsung's latest smartphone , the Galaxy S5 . Mobile and Goophone HDC has been known to launch each of the copycat smartphones Galaxy S5 .
( see also: lomba burung )

 In their site , have dipampang smartphone called Goophone S5 and S5 N9600 Galaxy HDC . This is the best supercopy has issued the China smartphone vendor for the moment .In terms of price alone Goophone both S5 and S5 N9600 Galaxy HDC sold at affordable and competitive prices . Goophone S5 released in the range of USD 300 or USD 3.4 million while the HDC Galaxy S5 priced $ 212 or about USD 2.4 million .At first glance, both look really similar to the original Galaxy S5 , however , if observed closely , you will know the difference . So , for those who intend to buy the original Galaxy S5 , note first start of the physical form to its specifications . Lest you mistakenly bought the pirated version .

Specifications Goophone S5Color : White / Black / Gold / BlueNetwork : GSM , WCDMA ( HSUPA , HSDPA )Operating System : Android 4.2 OSBands GSM : 850/900/1800/1900MHz WCDMA : 850/2100MHzCarrier : UnlockedScreen : 5 - inch , 1080P FHD ( 1920 * 1080 pixels )CPU Processor : MTK MT6592 2GHz octa - core processor , GPS : ARM Mali450 - MP4RAM : 2GB of RAMROM : 32GB RAMRear Camera : 13 - megapixel camera , with LED flashlightFront Camera : 5 - megapixel cameraBattery : 2800mAhSIM Card : Dual SIM cards slots ( Standard )HDC Galaxy N9600 S5 SpecificationsScreen Size : 6.0 InchProcessor : Quad Core 1.5GHz MTK6589TRAM : 2GBROM : 16GBNetwork Band : GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz , WCDMA 850/2100MHz3G Network : YesProduct Dimension : 164.5 * 84.4 * 9.1Style : BarLanguage : Arabian , Chinese , Deutsch , English , Espaol , Franais , Italiano , PortugusCamera Features : Auto Focus , Digital ZoomWi - Fi : YesGPS : YesFront Camera : 8.0MPBack Camera : 13.0 Mega PixelOperating System : Android 4.2 OSVideo Player : 3GP , AVI , FLV , MKV , MOV , MP4Connectivity Technology : GSM , WCDMAMessage : Email , MMS , SMSGames: Support Android games : Angry Birds and moreMusic Player : AAC , AMR , APE , FLAC , MP3 , OGGBluetooth : Yes

( see also: lomba burung love bird ) 

External Memory : MicroSD Max . 32GBBattery : Li - on battery 2800mAhFM Radio : NoCarrier : Unlocked ( without contract)Talking Time : 3-4 hoursDisplay Resolution : 1280 x 720Color : Black , WhiteAccessories : Battery , Earphone , Second Battery , USB Data Cable