Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Russians Say Never Ukrainian Territorial Claims

Crisis and tensions in Ukraine continued to flare up . Although the European Union and the United States ( U.S. ) has provided a number of sanctions on Russia , the conflict in the Kiev government is still heating up .

In a seminar organized by the Territorial Department of the Faculty of Humanities ( FIB ) , University of Indonesia , Political Advisor to Indonesian Embassy Russia , Oleg Kopylov , said it was never a confrontation over the crisis in Ukraine . Russia did not ever do any form of incitement .
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Kopylov explain Russia never claimed the territories of Ukraine 's territorial unity . '' We ( Russia ) never claimed territorial integrity of Ukraine , '' he said in a Seminar on Crisis in Ukraine and its implications for Southeast Asia , in FIB UI , Depok , on Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .

Kopylov explain Russia was not the enemy of Ukraine . Kopylov said the big enemy for the people of Ukraine is Ukrainian government itself .

In addition , Kopylov explain the desire merging region Crimea became part of the Russian federation nor come from his side . According to Kopylov , the integration into the Russian Crimea purely a desire nearly 100 percent of the population of Crimea .

'' As many as 97 percent of global voice wants reunification with the Russian Federation , '' said Kopylov .

The Russian Ambassador to Indonesia Mikhail Y Galuzin said the crisis in Ukraine should be a lesson for the Pacific and South-East Asia region . Personally it was revealed there was no war between Russia and Ukraine . In fact , Russia has close ties with Ukraine .

'' I also have many friends who are nationals of Ukraine , '' said Galuzin . However, the current discussion will close relationship the two will be very sensitive .

Galuzin said the crisis was not no effect . Galuzin stated , the ongoing crisis in Ukraine is very implications for international relations . '' This has implications for fundamental and international law , '' he said .


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