Thursday, April 17, 2014

Socialization Industrial Highway, Jasa Marga Sambangi Campus Directors

The board of directors of PT Jasa Marga visited campus . Through the programs ' Jasa Marga Goes to Campus ' , the directors of a public lecture at five campuses in Jakarta and Bandung .

The board of directors introduce toll road industry and its benefits to the campus . They also socialize riding safety or safe driving on the highway . Consideration , among students is a toll road users .

These five are college Nations University International Students ( USBI ) dated March 24, 2014 by Managing Director , Adityawarman , Institut Teknologi Bandung ( ITB ) dated March 19, 2014 , with guest speaker the Director of Human Capital and General Affairs , Muh . Najib Fauzan , Bina Nusantara University ( Binus ) dated March 20, 2014 with guest speaker the Director of Finance , Reynaldi Hermansjah , University of Indonesia ( UI ) dated March 21, 2014 with guest speaker the Director of Operations , Hasanuddin , and Trisakti University on March 26, 2014 with guest speaker the Director of Business Development Abdul Hadi , Hs .

In addition to providing materials on the toll road industry , Jasa Marga is also providing educational facilities at each campus such as laptops , Infocus , a camera or a netbook . Jasa Marga also provide 130 etoll card for students who actively ask in the event.

On campus USBI , Director of Jasa Marga Ir Adityawarman , provide information on the toll road industry and business Jasa Marga to 200 attendees . " The road is a toll road alternative . Toll road is not built if there is no non-toll roads , " he said in Jakarta USBI Auditorium .

Adityawarman also mentioned the benefits of toll roads . Among other things, facilitate regional economy that has been developed , improving the distribution of goods and services as well as services improve regional equity outcomes .

The presence Adityawarman enthusiastically greeted the participants who were mostly from the business faculty . Evident from the many questions raised by the quality of questions that qualified .

ITB Campus , Director of Human Capital and General Affairs Muh . Najib Fauzan explain the ins and outs of how the toll road industry in Indonesia . Starting from the process of making the highway , toll road industry businesses to benefit highway for the community .

" We expect there to be an authentic explanation of the Highways Services . We want to build a positive perception of his clan not only services but also the industry , " he said . Jasa Marga also explain safe driving tips on the highway . What should be known while driving on the highway in order to drive safely and not endanger others .
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Finance Director Reynaldi Story , delivering a public lecture in front of 350 students at the University 's Nusantara , Jakarta . " We want to socialize on the toll road industry in general , the infrastructure needs and what it's like Jasa Marga in general , " said Reynaldi .


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