Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mandatory Dress and Speak Java at Gunungkidul, Any Date 27

Government Gunungkidul , Yogyakarta , declared one day in every month of all public servants in the region wearing traditional clothes and speak Java using the Java language .

" Every 27th of every month , all officers who served in Gunungkidul , mandatory use of Java tradition , " said Regent Gunungkidul Badingah , Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) .

This instruction was issued to coincide with the anniversary of the 183 counties on Tuesday .
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According Badingah , this instruction is consistent with the Act No. 13 of 2012 on the privilege of Yogyakarta .

In the near future , he said , would come out a decree to strengthen instruction.

" In addition to mandatory use of clothing ( custom ) Java , as well as speak either official or unofficial , including in meetings , seminars or other meetings , shall use the Java language , " kat Badingah .

One of the civil servants in Gunungkidul , Sutaryo , argues this instruction is positive and should be supported . " It will be one of the characteristic feature of Yogya and preserve Javanese culture , " he said .


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