Friday, May 23, 2014

Grandpa Teach Martial Arts Brazilian Police

Special forces and riot police in Brazil are being trained on how to cope with the English national team fans, or commonly known as hooligans during the 2014 World Cup, in June, by retirees from Bolton, Steve Costello.

In other words, age is no excuse as a barrier to pursue a field that has lived for many years.
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Grandfather who has 11 grandchildren it is an expert in martial arts Ryukyu Kempo. In addition, Costello also good at close combat techniques with sticks and knives.

Since Costello settled in Curitiba, she has received an award from the Police Federation Brazil. The award was made Costello believed to give special classes to the security at the World Cup.

Grandfather, known by the nickname The Headhunter's already taught martial arts to the Elite Operations Command, police, firefighters, and state special forces.

There are different ways that made Costello in providing self defense class this year. 72-year-old grandfather taught karate techniques with eyes closed to the security guard at the World Cup next month.

"We cover the vital parts of the body and how you can paralyze people with the necessary movements. Safety World Cup should be able to handle attacks and knife attacks in real life. So most of the troops asked me to teach combat training, the simple defense and direct, "the Mirror quoted Costello said Friday (23/5).

As alluded to how Costello familiar with the words of the Brazilian army, he replied had prepared beforehand with a translator and began to learn to understand some basics of pronunciation.

"I have a translator there and know some of the basics, such as Obrigado-thank you. They call me 'Mr. Steve'. I love Brazil, they always have a smile for you," added Costello.


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