Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Apple, Google, and Microsoft Mobile Fight Theft

Almost all the major players in the global smart phone industry agreed to take the fight against mobile phone theft . In the future , a mobile phone will be equipped with standard features to keep the user data or delete all data from the phone being stolen .

Apple , Google , HTC , Huawei , Motorola , Microsoft , Nokia , Samsung , with five telecom operators in the United States , have signed an agreement to begin to protect user data from being stolen phones after July 2015 .

After that date , all companies promised to provide a standard feature that allows users to delete data remotely if the phone is stolen . This feature is similar to Find My iPhone app for Apple iOS and Android devices Device Manager on Android devices .

As quoted from Recode.net , cooperation is not separated from the urging of law enforcement officials along with the increasing cases of theft of smart phones in the United States . In the state of California , anti- theft measures have started to be implemented since July 2013 .
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Law enforcement officials have requested that manufacturers of electronic devices provide a standard feature to protect user data and prevent theft as a cell phone or other mobile devices are now used as an object for storing personal data .


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