Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Political Money Marak, Supervisory Committee Capture Only Divide Rice

Senior PDI-P politician Semarang District , The Hok Hiong assess , Supervisory Committee 's performance Semarang District incompetent oversee the legislative elections in 2014. Article, with a big budget and no authority , Supervisory Committee can not reveal the massive money politics and occurs in middle - masarakat middle .

This is expressed by the Hok address alleged cases of legal process for the rice - Regent of Semarang Mundjirin who is currently being tried in the District Court District of Semarang . According to the man who is also member of the Semarang district legislature , with just revealed the case to divide the rice Regents , output Supervisory Committee considered not significant .

" I saw Supervisory Committee and fro without results . Period , the county might sing kecekel siji tok ( caught only one time only ) . Said money politics this year is crazy . , But that be weird is the Supervisory Committee , no one can catch . Kecekel Sing mung tock kilo of rice ( which is the case only caught 1 kilo of rice , "said the Hok , Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) afternoon .

When asked about the indications of massive money politics that occur in Pileg 2014 , The Hok believes it is very easy to navigate from the admission of the candidates who failed to get a seat .

"The issue of money politics that can not be touched so intense . Proven ( candidates ) who failed to say they 've spread Rp 300 million , many millions , that's proof that ( money politics ) there . Supervisory But it can not catch a hand , " he continued .

The only candidates from ethnic Chinese in Semarang district that saw the twisted case Mundjirin Regent of Semarang , not independent of politicking outside parties . Allegations of politicization that reinforced the statements of the witnesses of the Supervisory Committee are only based on assumptions .

" The case could have been Regent of Semarang was boarded by other political interests . Due to its nature ( campaign ) is open in front of such a market, there are also a lot of rice . Fact yesterday I heard the witness of the Supervisory Committee during a hearing yesterday was the language only assumptions which I do not clear , " he explained .

Responding to the statement , the Chairman of Supervisory Committee Semarang District , Agus Riyanto let people assess the performance of the institution . However, he admitted during stages Pileg 2014 , it was a lot to get reports and information about the practice of money politics , but of the many reports, could not be followed due to lack of valid information and the unwillingness of the complainant to be a witness .
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" Kalu is the info -info ( money politics ) it was widely , and equally phenomenal . , But whether the information is valid ? Every time we respond , it is invalid , does not see himself , he said - she said . Kalupun anyone receiving or viewing himself , when will processed they reasoned fear , dare not , do not want to be bothered and so forth . kenyatan That's on the field , " said Agus .


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